“Once you Believe, Signs are everywhere”

Traveling all the way to you is never an easy task …

Traveling all the way to you is a new discovery to Someone who never happened before…

Traveling to a Someone who already explored distant shores, different lands, and overseas oceans are a new take-off to the unknown,

If you believe you deserve it, The universe will serve it…

You are a unique creation, a heavenly someone to stand up for all that your heart asks for, prays for, wishes for, and for all that your psyche and mind conspire to make it happen, Genuinely, my dear traveler, you made a walk to remember…

You are bold, courageous, dedicated, brave, clever, smart, and resilient to believe in your talents and be a better version of yourself. How could Someone depart from a comfort zone and start from scratch to build up himself, career, and life journey?

Ringing your bells is not that easy for my lines to depict you accurately. You are more than what my bells could echo… You are a “once” on a lifetime journey. You are a challenging storyteller for a story yet to be discovered, written about, or voiced out loudly…

Your Goodness, Uniqueness, and Greatness,

You are a Gentle Soul wrapped by a Humane creation,

You are a Reserved creation embedded in a good-hearted Soul,

You are the exception that proves the rule,

You are a gift from the gods,

You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while…

This letter is to You,

The You that has many longing calls,

The You that has many unserved messages,

The You that has still a question for a lifetime quest of a happy closure,

The You that has holistic prayers for a perfect someone to save you eternally sooner or after,

The You that has joyful dreams about a miracle to happen,

The You that has faith in God’s perfect timings,

The You that has spirituality within his Religious Soul,

The You that knocks the Almighty’s doors for a Better Tomorrow,

The You that longs for a Rest in peace mode,

The You that quests for a perfectionist Soul in the outfit of a better half,

You make this world a little bit more wonderful, exceptional, vivid, joyful, colorful, but more importantly a new unique masterpiece of yourself…

You are incredible. You have unspoken goodness, never seen before.

You are a peaceful version of a Soul quest of eternal coexistence,

You are a God’s messenger to light the road for her, for them and for all of us,

You are a guiding star in the darkness of the night,

You are a served call for your inner self, a blessing for your parents and an answered call for your beloved princess,

You are a rare pure version of yourself in the quest of a lifetime journey, never happened before,

Trying to figure out how to touch you in real or how to accurately define you is not that an easy call. You are a traveler in this lifetime quest and another universe yet to discover.

Trying to look inside you from so far could awaken all the unseen pictures you never have foreseen nor discovered before, You are a Gentle, good-hearted, and kindhearted Soul to be saved soon by God’s chosen better half reserved for you.

I believe in human goodness despite all the evils and devilish whispers to follow their seductive paths, I believe in your goodness and your angelic unseen version, You never have seen, I did…

I believe that the Universe is conspired to make it happen for all of us. You are no exception to this. Almighty has planned something very beautiful to a spiritual someone like you… Keep praying, hoping, believing, trusting and once you believe, signs are everywhere.

I just wanna murmur a sum up of my humble heartfelt touches,

Dedicated the below reminders to you,

“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles,”

“Find the joy in the ordinary,”

“Magic is all around, you just have to believe,”

“Believe in your own magic,”

“Give yourself the love you seek, and the Universe will send people who will match it,”

“Breathe and Trust Him, Almighty is taking care of Everything Else,”

Regardless of who we are or where we’ve come from, we’ve all been endowed with spiritual gifts. These gifts make us who we are and come to the rescue when we’re in trouble! What’s your spiritual gift?

You are inspiring,

You are loved,

You are admired,

You are saved,

You are valued,

You are a walk to remember dear Traveller,

I wish, my magical recipe awakens something in a kind-hearted and influential someone like you,

Thank you for being an inspirational storyteller…

Nesrine Mejai,



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